Sunday, November 25, 2007

I ruined my life (SSWU's national anthem)

Just something me and my friend came up with - I ruined my life, sung to the tune of Simple Plan's "Happy Together":
I ruined my life, on Mustafar, I called Padme a liaaar, and we broke up, then I got seriously burned, by the traitor, Obi-Wan Kenobiiiii!
Then I ruined my life, even more, when I threatened to kill my daughter, after I destroyed her homeworld, Alderaan, what a good dad I was that day (da da da da dada da da da da da)
I can't see me breathing without this mask again, for all my liiiife. Wake up to the sound of my artificial breathing, for all my liiiiife!
Then my son, ruined his life, on Dagobah,he killed a complete stranger, when he thought it was me, his father, Darth Vaaaader!
Then in episode six, on Endor, with all the freaky Ewoks, I commited suicide, in front of my son, but not before, I killed the Emperoooor!
Yeah, I know, but once you've got the tune right, and you realise what it is that we're singing about, it's kinda catchy.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Impixie (My title)

Many of you may be wondering what exactly my blog name means. If you've read my profile, you'd know I'm writing a book (as well as being smarter than George.W.Bush), and an Impixie is an inaminate object that has been brought to life. Jakeh, Vice President of SSWU, recruiting members worldwide.

Monday, November 19, 2007


For all those interested in joining SSWU (about 1, maybe 2), please consult this list:

Luke (president; does not have blog;)
Jakeh (vice president; has blog (you're reading it-brackets within brackets... cool); creator of club, yet for some reason not president;)
Jordan (high ranking official; war minister apparentely)
Brodie (assistant to president; kiss up)
Nic (assistant to me; on even par with me on intelligence; name pronounced like Nick, but spelt without K; printer of money)
Nick (spelt WITH a K; tactics minister)
Jude (member of club; can't remember what he does)
Josh (member of club; low ranking official)
Monique (not sure how much longer she's gonna be a member for; was recently fired, but shes been fired 3 times now, and has always gotten back in)
John (High ranking official; vying for war minister position)
Ben (Low ranking official; vying for position of war minister, via teaming up with John)
More revised lists shall come into action every time five new recruits appear.
Jakeh, recruiting members for SSWU world-wide.

SSWU Currency

If you want to help the club, please print off as much money as you can, so as to provide money for your areas branch of SSWU. To find the money, please access it at this link: President Jakeh, recruiting members worldwide.
PS: Only print notes, coins are useless.


SSWU, or Straight, Slim, Winners United (as opposed to GFLU, Gay, Fat Losers, United) Is a club that has been in progress for a week now. Bassicly, the more popular of the kids in my class got together and formed it as a club. To get in, you must answer 4 questions. These are the set for 10-13 year olds: 1: Have you ever looked at porn. 2: are you under 60 kilos. 3: Have you won a sporting acheivment. 4: Have you got 4 friends. 13-18. 1: Have you kissed a member of the opposite sex not related to you, and not by accident? 2: Are you under 95 kilos? 3: Have you won a medal/trophy?4: Have you got 12 friends. 18+ 1: Are you a virgin? 2: Are you under 130 kilos? 3: Have you ever won something for your local sporting club? 4: Have you got 20 friends?
This is Vice President Jakeh recruiting members worldwide. Join up and recruit others at your School/Workplace. Thank You.
PS: To submit on the SSWU website, go to "sign in", write in username: All members of SSWU should know my password. If not, ask me, and I'll tell you.
PSS: To submit, just click "new post", and follow what it says.